Songwriters Series & Concert Series

Binghamton musician and event producer John Kanazawich and local artist and entrepreneuer Tom Haines of Atomic Tom’s Gallery on Artists’ Row have presented live original music and arts shows at Atomic Tom’s since 2016. The Songwriter’s Series presents free shows in downtown Binghamton in conjunction with the First Friday Art Walks and the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, and occasional ticketed shows in the Concert Series on other nights.

Binghamton Live‘s mission is to contribute to the resurgence and growth of downtown Binghamton, bringing multi-cultural arts and music events to the local community. Historically, the Binghamton area has a proud tradition of offering the arts—live theater, dance, and music—to its residents. We are happy and excited to carry on in that great tradition.

We seek out singer-songwriters from Binghamton and the surrounding region, as well as those from other areas whom we otherwise might not have an opportunity to see and hear. Our goal is to enrich the First Friday Art Walk experience and the growing downtown arts and music scene in general.

Atomic Tom’s

Atomic Tom’s is an art gallery and a vibrant event space for music, weddings, parties, AA meetings, Tango classes, and more. The building was built in 1888 as Knapp & Sons Washing Machines, until it became the Box Factory during WWI. Around WWII, the building housed the George E. Treyz Moving Co., and in the 1980’s it became Ray Smith Storage & Parking.

Tom Haines purchased the building in 2000. The Night Eagle Cafe and Box Factory Gallery operated alongside Atomic Tom’s Atelier. More recently, the Blue Egg shared the space. Students from Binghamton University reside in the upper floors.

Atomic Tom’s is located at 196 State Street, in downtown Binghamton, New York 13901.

John Kanazawich, Director

John has been involved in the local music scene since the late ’70s. His mother Irene—a pianist and first recipient of the Broome County Council of the Arts Heart of the Arts Award for music—was a great inspiration to him.

He has been writing songs since his teens. Wanting a place to play originals and share the experience with other songwriters, he created and produce the Songwriter Showcase at the Cyber Cafe West from 2006 to 2013. After a two year break, he felt it was time for a new show. The Songwiters Series at Atomic Tom’s was born.

John has performed with Randy McStine in a mostly acoustic, classic rock cover song duo for more than 10 years. They now perform three to four themed concerts each year with many guest musicians. John also owns and operates True Tuner Piano Service.

Tom Haines

Tom—the spirit and force behind Atomic Tom’s Atelier—has been literally changing the face of Binghamton for many years through his continued restorations of the facades of many historic downtown buildings. Tom is an artist, a craftsman, a music lover, and an entrepreneuer.

The moniker is Tom’s nickname given him by his father when he was only two years old. His full nickname was Atomic Tom, the Atom Bomb.